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Welcome to the Energy People Federal Credit Union Website.  Your Energy People Federal Credit Union, founded as a not-for-profit financial cooperative by employees of PS&G in 1960, is today proudly serving active and retired employees of PSE&G, their families, and relatives with a wide array of financial services.

The Credit Union deposit accounts include: share savings accounts with no fees and tiered interest rates; certificates of deposit with terms from 6 to 36 months; traditional, Roth, and educational IRAs; as well as Christmas and Vacation Clubs.

Energy People Federal Credit Union offers a number of lending products including home equity loans, new and used vehicle loans, personal loans, and more.  What’s more, if you are an active employee of PSE&G, you have access to convenient payroll deduction for both loan payments and savings.

We are proud of our extended phone service hours, which we initiated long before other local banking institutions did so, allow our members to contact us until 8:30pm Monday through Friday, and Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30pm as well.   Withdrawals are available at the work location next day.

During this financially unstable period, the Energy People Federal Credit Union Board of Directors would like to reassure all its members that we have not been weakened by this crisis.  Our smart financial investments have left us unharmed by the ailments of other financial corporations. 

Letter from the Credit Union Board of Directors

Dear Credit Union Members,

The board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to update you on the growing strength of your Credit Union during the ongoing financial turmoil affecting the largest financial institutions in this nation.

Unlike the doom-and-gloom news reports that the banking industry is collapsing, your Credit Union is proud to announce that we have seen increases in membership, deposits, and loans over the last three months.  Overall, our members have continued to handle their financial affairs responsibly.

If you are looking for a place to invest your money, consider the benefits of your Credit Union.  Your money is loaned out to your fellow members whenever possible, or invested in FDIC insured certificates.  It is not invested in high-risk financial instruments as you will find elsewhere.  The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) followed the FDIC in raising deposit insurance to $250,000 on eligible accounts.

Our capital reserves in excess of 20% of deposits have allowed us to retain our normal lending standards, while other financial institutions have been forced to tighten them dramatically, or raise interest rates.  We are unique in not having seen any appreciable increase in loan losses, as is common across the nation.  We continue to lend money to qualified borrowers at reasonable rates.  Business has been brisk in all types of loans including second mortgages, vehicles, and personal loans.

Our strength over 50 years has always been our investment in you, our members, and you have proven to be the best investment year after year.  Please contact our dedicated staff if you have any questions about your investment or loan requirements.

                                          The Board of Directors
                                          Energy People Federal Credit Union